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Second Mind Medicine educates health professionals, educators, and the general public about how we can actualize a higher vision of health and healthcare.

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Two kinds of medicine.

Two different possibilities.

First Mind Medicine

  • Predominant kind of medicine today

  • Philosophy

    • Dualism: body and/or mind

    • Materialism: body creates mind

    • Does not recognize the Second Mind

  • Science

    • Outdated view: The human being is made of small parts (atoms)

    • Mechanizes us, promotes "burnout", numbers over experiences

  • Healing

    • Atomistic (biochemical) approach​

Second Mind Medicine


  • The developing face of medicine. More robust philosophy. More up-to-date science.

  • Philosophy

    • Non-duality of mindbody

    • Advaita, objective idealism: mind appears as body

  • Science

    • Incorporates principles of quantum science

    • Being human is an experience that can be modeled atomically

    • A robust foundation for developing integrative medicine practices

  • Healing​​

    • Experiential approach includes and is not limited to atomistic healing

    • Explictly places emotion, meaning, and mind on at least equal footing with biology

    • Opens the door to new mechanisms of healing


The course below teaches the foundations of Second Mind Medicine. Medical professionals​, integrative health practitioners, patients, and innovators in the health technology space will benefit from the new concepts and vision of the future offered. The shift in perspective that Second Mind Medicine delivers is among the most impactful of any innovation in healthcare.

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