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Overview and application

  • The 2 key principles of Second Mind Medicine

    • The modern understanding of anatomy is radically incomplete. We must see, define, and model ourselves more completely. Solution: the 5 bodies model.

    • Consciousness, rather than matter, is fundamental. Matter, mind, and the bodies themselves are representations of differentiated consciousness.

  • Direct, personal implications

    • Healing is possible.

    • Each person is an expert. Their direct experience is invaluable.

  • The process of applying Second Mind Medicine

    • Begin with applying the 4 pillars. These facilitate natural healing processes and increase insight.

    • Spend time giving attention to your bodies. Note the differences between them, how they feel. Note which areas draw your interest. This is not a perfect process. It is a gradual learning process of valuing, making room for, feeling, and understanding the different ways we experience ourselves.

    • Note which body, which kind of experience captures your interest. Is it a memory? A sensation? A fear? Something that there are no right words for? Find a way to explore this through some activity, including possibly through some formal healing system.

    • As you continue, keep a few points of reference:

      • Yourself: Is your process tending toward more ease and less tension? (Of course, this may not always be the case as previously unaddressed factors surface.)

      • A good friend you can talk with about your experiences

      • Your healthcare professional

    • Cycle back through this process.

  • Second Mind Medicine is not a specific healing modality. It is an overall framework and approach to healing based on the 2 key principles mentioned above.

  • Broader implications

    • Healing is not a personal event, it is a systemic, social, political phenomenon. We are currents in a global sea of understanding, behavior, and structure, all of which impact our bodies. This systemic nature is evidenced in the 5 bodies model, in which the subtler bodies are increasingly non-local and shared, and in the 4 pillars of wellbeing.

    • Technology is not only devices that we create. Consciousness, choice, and behavior are also technologies, so advanced that we don't recognize them as such.

    • Second Mind Medicine disrupts healthcare because

      • it localizes power in each person and in society

      • it takes the position that healing is always possible

      • it opens the door to many healing systems and new healing modalities

      • it is grounded in a combination of philosophy, science, and direct experience

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