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Three big questions Second Mind Medicine addresses

1. What are we made of? Is it organs, cells, atoms, particles, fields, information? What exactly are we made of? This isn't an abstract or philosophical question. It's the most down-to-Earth, relevant, direct question one can imagine in the field of medicine. If healing is our goal, we must know–and in the meantime at least be curious about and inquire into–what we're made of. The study of what we're made of is called gross anatomy at the macro level. At the micro level, it's called histology. At the particle level, it's called particle physics. At the level of fields, it's called quantum physics. Beyond the level of fields, what are we? Physicians, patients, and public in general must inquire into this. From a Second Mind perspective, such inquiry is not about using expensive instruments, but the instrument of our own minds.

2. What is the mind?

The entire framework of Second Mind Medicine inquires into this question as a way of opening up understanding about body, mind, consciousness, and more. For more, please see this post and the Three Minds framework.

3. Where is the mind?

No amount of dissecting the body, including the brain, will yield something called a mind. With all the technology we have, we have yet to locate it.

Mind is simply experience. Any experience we have is mind, because it is all in relationship with the subject-identity that is experiencing. Objects and "objective" experience too are mind in its inter-subjective form. For more, see the Three Minds framework.

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