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Dr. Kumar is available for keynotes, panels, workshops, and salons. He also works one-on-one with people who wish to understand Second Mind Medicine more deeply. Please express your interest using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Talks are personalized for your audience. All talks include an experiential aspect involving techniques for exploring the space within and between us. Examples of talks include:

  • The Five Bodies: Exploring Complete Human Anatomy

    • The common understanding of human anatomy represents only a fraction of what we are–our physical structure. Yet, we are human beings, not only human bodies. In this talk, we explore a new, comprehensive way of depicting human anatomy that is consistent with cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom, leading to multi-directional healing.


  • The Unseen Connection Between Medical Education and Physician "Burnout"–and what we can do about it

    • We have an incomplete understanding of burnout because we consider it to be primarily a cultural and structural problem. But we have to look deeper this. In this talk, we'll look at some outdated views of medical science to find a key linchpin of burnout. Having identified these, we will discuss solutions you can enact now.


  • Re-thinking the Mind-Body Connection

    • You've probably heard the phrase "mind-body" more times than you can count. What does this actually mean? How does the mind connect with the body? What do other cultures and other healing systems have to say about this? Finally, how can we harness this understand to improve our quality of life and that of our patients?

  • The Meaning of Healing

    • We often talk about "treatment" in healthcare when most of our patients are looking for healing. In this talk, we'll look at clinical vignettes to see the difference between healing, treatment, and cure. We will then tie it all together to find how can we bring healing to our own lives.


  • The Future of Healthcare

    • You've heard it a million times: "Healthcare is changing." A big part of that change is the very knowledge base we use to diagnose and heal. In this talk, we'll look at the fundamental changes in knowledge that are happening now and what that means for the future healthcare marketplace.


  • What Is Consciousness?

    • We know there are different states of consciousness, like dreaming and daydreaming, and we know can lose consciousness (for example, under anesthesia), but what exactly is consciousness? That's a big question asked by leading neuroscientists and philosophers. In this talk, we look at different theories about consciousness and what they suggest about our day-to-day lives. We will also do a few introspective exercises to recognize our own range of consciousness more comprehensively.

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